Commissions & Gifts


We get by with a little art from our friends


Not every mother will appreciate the gift of a baby bird happily frolicking in the open head-wound of a flying monkey head (You can view my IMPROVISE Exhibition prints here - it's more cute and less disgusting than it sounds).

So whether you have something specific you'd like me to design for a loved one, or you'd prefer to let me loose to create something cool and unique, I'd be super happy to discuss a commission with you! In the meantime you can check out some pieces for happy customers below.


the ranfords

what can i say, i'm a helpless romantic


This was a privately commissioned print I completed as a gift for a newly married couple, commemorating their wedding at Green's Pool in Western Australia. Since the location is a significant one for the Ranfords, I suggested I create the print with vintage travel posters in mind. It was particularly fun generating the perspective for this piece through the rippling shapes of the water!





It's nice to have friends who care! I was commissioned by a nice fellow to produce this piece for his soccer-playing, chilli-sauce-guzzling friend as a 30th birthday present. I really enjoyed bringing these disparate elements together in a picture as it makes for a pretty unique piece!

tiki cats

the purrrfect gift


This isn't actually a commission, but a gift I gave to some awesome friends of mine featuring their three adorable cats. How could I not include it?! Each has their real-life collar colour (hey that's fun to say!) with corresponding initial. And love hearts because cats are lovely.



As You Wish



I was very excited to get this commission! In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader points his finger at bounty hunter Boba Fett and gives him a fairly emphatic order: “No disintegrations”. Fett comes right back with “As you wish”. The exchange makes you wonder what sort of shenanigans the bounty hunter got up to before it (presumably some serious disintegrations). This line is also a significant one from yet another film that I know the intended recipient enjoys, so there’s a secret visual reference to it for an added personal touch. 


Star Wars fans will also spot other major locales and elements from Boba Fett’s brief but memorable appearances in both Empire and Return of the Jedi, including the Death Star, Bespin, Jabba's Palace, the Sarlacc, Slave I and the Millennium Falcon. In terms of style, I thought the recipient would appreciate something quite bright and colourful, and I played with the idea of disintegration in the chaotic geometric shapes. I also tried to channel a little retro 60s/70s science fiction psychedelia in the overall execution.




As You Wish went through a long development process and many iterations in my quest to make something unique and stylish. In my efforts to experiment and abstract, things got a little too messy and I had to dial things back a bit, but it allowed me to explore some ideas that I will utilise for future pieces! Below are a few steps from the journey: