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Concept Collision

Concept Collision is an exhibition completely consisting of collaborations. With over 40 artists involved, this is going to be one BIG group show! Curated by Bertie Louise + Mitchell Higgs.

If you miss the opening, the show will be running till November 7th.

The definition of collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something. So the idea behind the show is to not shine the spotlight on any one singular individual but bring together like minded people.

Collaberations for the show will be:

Jodee Knowles + Steve Browne
Renee Brink + Yasmine el Kotni
Bertie Louise + Jean-Paul Horré
Steve Browne + James Giddy
Jerome + Caleb Davenport
Shellzki + Shlives
Robert Jenkins + Smij
Alison Draper + Jamie Mack
Liam Dee + Martin E Wills
Kalem Bruce + Lottie Moore
The Design Skeleton + Little Dove
Aston Van Eldik + Andrew Connel + Tom Harmen
Huemen media + Shanelle Coleman Artistry + Nicole
Matt Wright + Aaron Brock
Natasha Pawlowski + Bodie Hartley
Jean-Paul Horré + Annie Matan
Sofia Varano + Bertie Louise
Callum Jones photography + Wildergrim illistration
Rahalie Mcguirk + Reef Selleck
Paulie Juan + KON illustrations
Thomas Sweetman + Callum Jones
Ryan Elliot + Steave Browne

Earlier Event: May 26