A New Website!

Greetings Wilderfolk and WELCOME to my new website!


My name is Adrian and I am a professional graphic artist living in Perth, Western Australia. I have been in the design game for nearly five years, previously working in an award-winning studio and now freelancing on a range of client projects as well as producing and exhibiting my own artwork.

So what is Wildergrim? Well it's a couple of things really. One is an awesome day job: A one-man illustration and design studio dedicated to providing clients with creative direction and appealing imagery that speaks to their particular audience, whether it be in the realms of identity, promotion, packaging or editorial illustration. The other is a visual artist: I produce prints and other products featuring an array of interesting characters and creatures from the diverse depths of my imagination.

As part of the ongoing development of Wildergrim I wanted to create a prettier, more functional and more useful website to present to potential clients and customers. It highlights some of my favourite projects and artwork and I hope it also allows you to get to know me a little better and reveals the passion and joy behind what I do!


Thanks so much for visting!